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Submerged arc processes are commonly used for hard automation applications. This process provides excellent welding quality and appearance, as well as high deposition rate, fast driving speed and low cost, especially in flat horizontal positions. However, the difficulty of handling particle flux, the limitation of welding position and the requirement of cleaning limit the use of submerged arc in relatively specialized automation applications.

what is hot melt welding machine | Wahrheits

Why is hot melt welding machine ?

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hot melt welding machine Application

In factories around the world, companies like Boston\'s Rethink Robotics are building a new robot that creates a humanoid robot for simple factory automation tasks, and the general-purpose robot of Denmark\'s oudense, which makes dual robotsThe Arm system is designed for more traditional factory applications, but does not have cages. Rethinking robots recently released a video in which robot Baxter made a cup of coffee with a Keurig coffee machine.

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